1 Player

15-30 Minutes

Ages 10+

Play on Tabletop Simulator

18 Card solo game where it is your job to repair Cinderella's watch so she gets home before the clock strikes midnight.

Arrange the 12 "hour" cards in a circle on the spots indicated on the table. And then shuffle and deal out the action cards. # action cards should be dark side up and 3 should be light side up.

Over the course of 12 chimes (turns), work to correct the order of the hours on the clock. During chimes 1-6, take one action up to 1 action indicated on the 3 dark cards and 1 action indicated from the 3 light cards. Then shuffle t he 6 action cards and deal them back out. Actions will allow you to swap cards with other cards, or rotate them so the number on the inner circle is now on the outer circle. Plan carefully though! Time passes quickly!

The goal is to get all the numbers on the outside of the clock in hour order before the 12th chime, if you do this you win, if not your carriage turns back into a pumpkin and you lose.

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