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Let's Get Ready to Rumble - Dragon Brawl

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Title: Dragon Brawl

Created By: Kyojin Studios

Released: 2020

Player Count: 2-4

Time to Play: 15 Minutes

Dragon Brawl game set-up layout

Dragon Brawl is a simple 2-4 player card duel game, where players work to bluff their way to victory. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to train your dragon to be the strongest fighter by knocking your opponents health down to zero before you run out of health yourself. Different terrains will offer players advantages or disadvantages based on the dragon being played. Players battle opposing dragons using cards from their attack deck. Bluff your way to victory as you decide which attacks to use and attempt to counter your opponent's decision. Each attack has an energy cost associated with it. Some attacks will gain you energy, some will lose you energy, and some do nothing. Players will need to strategically decide whether save or spend energy in order to protect their precious health.

Dragon Brawl is fast to get from box to table. Players select from one of the available dragons (our favorite was the ice dragon), and then choose a player color and grab the attack cards, the health card and the energy card that go along with it. Shuffle up the terrain deck and flip your first terrain over and you are good to go.

Dragon Art from Dragon Brawl

All players start with zero energy and full health. Players then choose which attack they wish to use that round and play the card face down. As attack choices are limited, this game is an easy intro into card duel games for young children. Simultaneously players flip over their attack cards and then see which attacks were successful. Any player who took damage adjusts their health meter. Any players who earned or spent energy adjust their energy cards accordingly. Play then continues until one dragon is left. The player is the winner!

Dragon Brawl is simple enough for even young players to follow along with the rules of the game. Creator Michael Manson shares that he frequently plays it with his 6-year old son. For parents looking to share their love of games with a child fascinated with dragons, this game would be a good choice.

Currently, Dragon Brawl is available as a Print and Play and on Tabletop Simulator. Kyojin Studios is working to raise funds to increase the number of dragons included, update the art and add future expansions to Dragon Brawl.

*For this review, we made a copy of the Print and Play version, so all pictures and feedback is based on that version of Dragon Brawl.

Attack Card Examples from Dragon Brawl


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