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Me-ow! Wow, We're So Glad You're Here.

Welcome to Pudgy Cat Games, the game company founded with the “help” of a cat. I'm Jacqueline Atkins, the proud founder of Pudgy Cat Games and the lovely feline above was Leyla, my trusty design partner and the original Pudgy Cat. My company is named for her, in honor of her contributions to board game design including being the official box tester, whacker of pieces off the table, and chewer of cards. She was pretty much always there every step of the way, while I worked to design, play and review games. Leyla started "The Cat's Meow" section of our reviews. Leyla passed away on November 13th, 2022, and while we miss her, I am so happy that her legacy lives on in Pudgy Cat Games.  In Spring of 2023, we welcomed a new furry friend into our family, Solo.  Solo is now the spokescat for Pudgy Cat Games and will continue Leyla's tradition of helping me review games.  He is a big mush, who is working to fill the kitty sized hole Leyla left in my heart.  Leyla and Solo are both wonderful companions who I am blessed to share a piece of my life with.

Pudgy Cat Game also does the Pawsitively Purrfect Game Review, where we review games and write nice things about them. Our reviews will be solely focused on the positive parts of a game, as we believe every game has something good in it. While we know, some people may want to know what is broken in a game or what could be done differently, there are many places to find reviews with this information out there.  We want to share what we think you will love about each game.  Our focus is to spread positivity around game design and to support fellow designers in their efforts to create amazing new games.  Interested in having your game reviewed for some positive feedback? Send an email to Jacqueline (and Solo) at

Pudgy Cat Games also focuses on creating light to medium weight family friendly games, with an emphasis on looking great on the table!  Our first published game, Pack the Essentials, is being published by Wacky Wizard Games in 2024.  You can check out more information about it here. It is a puzzley game about packing cats in suitcases, inspired by Leyla and her love of getting in my suitcase every time I took it out.  Solo continues her tradition and is always ready to hop inside too.

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