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2 Players

15-30 Minutes

Ages 10+

Play on Tabletop Simulator

Alice’s Unbirthday Party is an 18 card, two-player, worker placement game.  In Alice’s Unbirthday Party,  play as the Mad Hatter for either the Red Card Guard team or the Black Card Guard Team.  The goal of the game is to be the first player to get Alice to come to their Unbirthday Party.  To get Alice to come the party, players must have the right gifts (resources) to entice her to join their party over their opponent’s party.


Party guests will bring the required gifts, but are also picky themselves.  In order to invite a guest to your party, some guests require the you to have their favorite teas, while others require a gift too. It’s an unbirthday party after all, so lots of partiers will be getting gifts throughout the game!


Players will use their worker cards to take actions such as collecting resources, inviting guests, and crashing their opponent’s party to steal their resources or guests.  On their turn, players will decide to take either the 4 worker action (the Cards) or the 1 worker action (the Mad Hatter).


If a player chooses the 4 worker action, the player will assign the worker a space on the board by covering four corners of the available cards.  Each worker will then be able to either take a basic action or take their special action.  Each worker (Card Guard 1 (Ace), Card Guard 2, Card Guard 3 and Card Guard 4) have their own unique ability that can be used on its turn in place of a basic action.   Once all four actions have been completed, play passes to the next player.


If a player chooses the 1 worker action, the Mad Hatter will allow you to “Change Seats”, meaning you can select a row or column and rearrange any party guests you would like in that column.


Be the first to get the guests with the right gifts to your party and you can collect Alice.  Collect Alice and win the game!


Free Print and Play

Prefer physical games?  Try making your own copy of Alice's Unbirthday Party!  Everything you need to make the print and play version is available right here!

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