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1-4 Players
20-30 Minutes
Ages 12+
Play on Tabletopia

Pack the Essentials is a light-weight, abstract strategy game about packing cats in suitcases.

Throughout the game, players work to score as many points as possible can by drafting and placing tiles in their suitcase to pack items, cats and kittens, collecting cat toys, and using the friendly neighborhood Pack Rat Service. Player's will also attempt to complete To Do List goals and create the largest sections of each color tile.

The game plays over 12 rounds and the player with the most points at the end of the 12th round wins.

When playing with fewer than 4 people, players will compete against The Cat Ladies Club, a super simple to handle AI opponent, who will help mirror a 4 player game by removing tiles from the draft pool, as other player's do.

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