Pack the Essentials Information

2-4 Players

30-45 Minutes

Ages 8+

Play on Tabletopia

Pack the Essentials is a family-style, abstract strategy game about packing cats in suitcases.

Throughout the game, players work to score as many points as possible can by packing item and cat tiles in the suitcase, hiring Moovers (helpful cows who allow you to remove an opponents piece and replace it with your own), collecting Pack Rats (friendly creatures who help you pack more efficiently), and completing To Do List goals for bonus points.

The more essential items (aka cats) you pack, the more points you score. The game ends when all players can no longer make a move. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Note: I could not figure out how to design a spinner on Tabletopia, so I provided each player with a D20 dice instead to use in place of the spinner. If you roll a number that is not included in your game simply roll again.

Additionally, the player colors from Tabletopia do not match the colors in the game as I could not create a pink or orange player, so feel free to be whatever player color you want with whatever tiles you would like.

Cow Token 4 PNG.png

Free Print and Play

First Prototype Version Available on Board Game Geek

Prefer physical games?  Try making your own copy of Pack the Essentials!  Everything you need to make the print and play version is available on Board Game Geek!