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The Clock Strikes Midnight is a puzzle game for 1-2 players. Swap and rotate cards to get the hours in the correct place on the clock.

Use magical items, such as pumpkins and glass slippers to create combos to help fix the clock before time runs out!

You know the story, Cinderella goes to the ball and has to be home before the last stroke of midnight. Now, it is really easy to get swept up in the commotion of the ball and lose track of time. Can’t have that now, can we?


Thanks to modern technology, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother provided her with a watch to keep track of time. Only one problem, it’s broken! All the numbers are in the wrong places. Cinderella needs to fix the watch by getting the numbers into the correct place on the clock face, in order to ensure she heads home in time.

If racing against the clock for repairs wasn’t enough trouble, Cinderella must also beware of her evil Stepmother who will work to thwart her at every turn, trying to stop Cinderella from completing her mission and being able to attend the ball. The Stepmother will stop at nothing to ensure that one of Cinderella’s stepsisters is the one who gets the prince in the end.

Can Cinderella fix the watch with enough time left to make it to the ball and capture the heart of the prince all before the clock strikes midnight?

Try to solve the puzzle in the least amount of turns in solo mode, but beware of the evil stepmother AI and the tricks she has to stop you from making it to the ball.

Alternatively, go head to head in an asymmetric two player game, playing as either Cinderella or the evil stepmother.

Check out the Overview or Playthroughs for more information!


Free Print and Play

Prefer physical games?  Try making your own copy of The Clock Strikes Midnight!  Everything you need to make the print and play version is available for download!

Order a Pyhsical Copy

Can't wait for the official launch of The Clock Strikes Midnight?  You can order your very own first edition copy today from The Game Crafter.

The version will come with premium components and everything you need to play the game as it is in its current form.

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