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Awesome Game Upgrade - Legendary Metal Coins Series 6

Welcome to our first component upgrade review! Our friends over at Drawlab Entertainment sent us over a copy of their Legendary Metal Coins Season 6. Season 6 features the following coin sets:

  • Adventure Potions

  • Adventure Weapons

  • Atlantis

  • Forged Cultist

  • Forged Dragons

  • Forged Dwarven

  • Forged Sherlock

  • Norse Gods

  • Pixel Art Unit

  • Planet

Their Kickstarter is currently live and offers the option to buy individual coin sets (10 copper, 8 silver, and 6 gold), make your own set of ANY 20 coins from seasons 1-6, or get the Season 6 Collector's set which has one of each coin from Season 6 (26 coins total). If you are feeling particularly classy, you can even get the Complete Collector's Set which includes one of ALL of the coins from EVERY set so far (173 coins total). There are also discounted bundles for multiple sets of coins.

With one exception, each set of metal coins contains three pieces, typically a bronze, a silver, and a copper piece. The one exception is the Adventure Potions set, which contains two potions with colored enamel. Many of the sets have different images on either side of the coin as well. We are amazed at the level of detailing on the coins. The Pixel Art Unit set even has conversation bubble text engraved into the coins that are entirely legible. The more you look at the coins, the more cool little details you discover. Each set is extremely unique and is truly a work of art. Our video above and image gallery below showcase many of these intricate coins.

The coins are very hefty and have a good weight to them. They feel premium and will definitely make your game look fancy! Drawlab Entertainment offers a wide variety of different coin types so you can tailor your coins to a specific game or RPG that you want to enhance or go for a coin that can be used more generally.

If you are like us and are new to metal coins, you absolutely cannot go wrong with these. To find out more or get your own, check out their Kickstarter!


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