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Christmas in July - Get Stuffed!

Title: Get Stuffed!

Created By: Steve Clemens

Published By: Clemanor Games

Released: 2020

Player Count: 2 -6

Time to Play: 10-45 Minutes

Overview of Get Stuffed Setup

Santa came early this year and will be bringing you the gift of Get Stuffed via Kickstarter staring August 1st. Get Stuffed! is the Christmas theme card game you didn't know you needed, until now!

Get Stuffed! is a 2-6 player game for ages 8 and up. In this lightweight card game, play as an elf working to be the first to fill your stocking and become Santa's favorite little helper. In this "take that" set collection game, players will have multiple opportunities to sabotage their fellow elves while trying to protect their own stocking from attack. Beware of lumps of "Noel the Coal" because if you wind up with 3 lumps of coal in your stocking, you are out of the game!

Get Stuffed! plays best at higher player counts, but has modified rules that still make it fun with less players. Depending on how many people are playing, players have to collect "X" number of things on their stocking list. This increases the pressure, as players get more and more items in their stocking, as you never know how close someone might be to winning!

Help Yourself and Stocking Room Decks

The set-up for Get Stuffed! is simple:

  1. Separate and shuffle the Stocking Room cards and the Help Yourself cards and pull out the Santa card

  2. Give each player a Stocking List, two Stocking Room cards (placed face up in front of the player to make the start of their stockings) and three Help Yourself cards (to be held in the players hand)

  3. Lay out five Stocking Room cards to make a conveyor belt. Two Stocking Room cards will be face up and the other three will be face down

Example Help Yourself Cards

On a players turn they do the following:

  1. Play a Help Yourself card. This step is optional, but Help Yourself cards allow you to do actions such as steal from an opponent, move "Noel the Coal" around the board, or remove her from your stocking, collect Santa, increase your number of Help Yourself cards and more. It is a very useful action most of the time. Help Yourself cards also include two actions, but you can only pick to take one action when playing the card, meaning that players have more choices throughout the game. Help Yourself cards may also have hidden items on them, which you can keep secret but still use to compete your stocking.

  2. Pick an Stocking Room card from the conveyor belt. You can choose to pick either a face up card or the face down mystery card. Pick carefully though because you never know where "Noel the Coal" might be hiding. It is also important to note that the Stocking Room cards on the conveyor belt do not reset until all 5 have been selected, so it is possible to get stuck with a coal card or a card you already have, if you pick last. Playing certain Help Yourself action cards may allow you to take multiple Stocking Room cards, which can change the odds of you getting stuck with an unwanted card.

  3. Add a new Help Yourself card to you hand.

Example Stocking List

Play continues clockwise until one player completes their stocking list. This is done by having the correct combination of items in your stocking and/or hand. This player then shouts, "Get Stuffed!" and is the winner of the game.

But there are a few twists and turns to be mindful of while playing:

  1. Get three Noel the Coal cards and you automatically lose.

  2. Santa offers you protection. No one can mess with you or your stocking while you have Santa in your hand. The only way to stop Santa's protection is to steal Santa for yourself.

  3. There is also a single "Get Stuffed" card in the deck which allows the use to block any action of their choice.

Example Help Yourself Card

Get Stuffed! is a great choice for players who love "take that" style games, as it offers ample opportunity to mess around with your fellow players. Our favorite card is a Help Yourself card that actually causes a player to drop their stocking and lose all the items they collected (besides the coal). It is super fun to play when you think an opponent is getting close to winning.

We also enjoy the Stocking List, part of Get Stuffed! Another cool feature of the Stocking List is, that for games of 4 or more players, once a player loses the game from having three coals in their stocking, everyone's Stocking List increases by one item. This means that while you may have one less player to compete with, your job of completing your list just got a little more challenging.

Get Stuffed! is filled with lots of fun twists and turns. Players can be really close to winning and then lose it all. It does a wonderful job of tying game mechanics to the theme. Get Stuffed! is a game that Christmas lovers everywhere will be sure to enjoy during the holiday season (and during the rest of the year when they need a little Christmas spirit pick me up).

Example Stocking Room Cards and Noel the Coal Cards


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