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Design Diaries - Week 2

Welcome to back to my Design Dairies page, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week I built something with a bit more interaction than last week. We learned how to better use scripts and apply materials to create more interesting objects and interactions.

For this week's project, I built a musical playground complete with a piano, drum kit, and musical ball pit. Yup, you read that right, a musical ball pit. Sadly, that last part isn't as exciting as I wanted it to be as I cannot apply a rigidbody and a trigger to an object. I wanted a ball pit full of balls that all had unique sounds that when you rolled into them, they would make noise as well as move and bump into other balls, thus triggering a fun chain reaction. Instead a settled for making oversized balls with a lower mass that could be bumped around my the ball I control with my arrow keys. These balls can then be bumped onto sound pads and make noise that way. It works, it is is less cool than I wanted it to be.

The piano and the drum kit on the otherhand are awesome and work pretty much exactly as I anticipated and wanted them to.

Here is what I learned to do in week 2!

For week 2 I was asked to reflect on the following questions:

Which were the most difficult to grasp? Which are you excited to explore more?

  • The most challenging part of Unity for me has been getting my camera to be in an optimal location. I use a three button mouse but still have difficulty getting it to be exactly where I want quickly. I can do it if I am slow, but I definitely need more practice.

  • I am excited to better understand how to make objects interact with each other. I want to learn how to keep things from falling through floors while being able to be triggered, or ways to write a script to do something similar if that is not possible. I also want to learn how to more easily set objects directly on top of each other so I can build scenes with dimensions that don't just have objects hoovering slightly above where they should actually be.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for week 2!


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