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Fun and Puns: Cover Your Kingdom

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Title: Cover Your Kingdom

Created By: Jeffrey Beck

Art By: Apryl Stott

Published by: Grandpa Beck's Games

Released: 2019

Player Count: 2-8

Time to Play: 20-30 Minutes

Cover Your Kingdom Box Art

Cover your Kingdom is a east to learn, hilariously pun-filled, highly competitive game where players work to recruit clans of creatures to live in their kingdom. However, just because you were successful in creating a welcoming home for your new residents, doesn't mean they won't leave you at the first chance to be part of a better kingdom. Players must work to protect their clans, so they are not stolen by foreign kingdoms. The player who has the most magical kingdom wins an awesome title at the end of the game. We don't want to ruin the surprise, so we will just let you play to find out what it is.

Cover Your Kingdom Crown for the Winner/ Turn Marker

Players start with empty kingdoms and work to collect the most amount of magic, by recruiting creatures to come live with them. Each creature has an amount of magic assigned to it; at the end of the game, players total the amount of magic in their kingdom and whoever has the magic most wins.

Recruiting creatures seems easy enough, however (most) creatures don't like to be alone, so you will need to pair them together to create clans. Many clans are also picky about where they live and must be recruited to live in the appropriate part of your kingdom. On their turn, players can take 1 or 2 actions to help them increase the size of their kingdom.

Players can do the following actions:

  • Form a clan - pair two matching creatures (pair any clanning creature with a wild creature). Add these creatures to your kingdom.

Rules Card for Cover Your Kingdom
  • Recruit a clan - this is where the fun really starts! - you can try and swipe a clan from another player by adding an additional clan member that matches the clan you are attempting to steal. The opposing player can counter this, by playing another one of the clan members. This can go on until someone can't or does not play a creature. Whoever had the last matching creature gets to take the stack of ALL the matching creatures and add it to their kingdom.

  • Add a creature to a clan - just add another to a clan you already have showing in your kingdom

  • Employ a free creature - free creatures don't want to join a clan and instead are provide players with a single use action.

  • Discard and draw - this action is mostly a last resort

The game ends when the last card is played. At this point all players total the amount of magic in their kingdoms and whoever is the most magical wins!

Example of a player board and Bragon and VulcEnt cards from Cover Your Kingdom

So what makes Cover Your Kingdom so purrfect for your next game night? While the game play is great and the art is adorable, the winner here is 100% the puns! This game is full of them! From Sighclops to Spydras and Hypnogriffs, I promise you will want to collect all the creatures. The flavor text on the cards is witty and will definitely make you laugh. The kingdoms are puns, the creatures are puns, even the rules have some puns!

Examples of Grumbledalf's Elves and UniqueHorn Cards from Cover Your Kingdom

Cover your kingdom is super competitive and if you like your gaming buddies this game might not be for you. Just kidding! But it is bound to cause some light-hearted tension around the table as you try to stop your clans from being stolen away. Cover Your Kingdom is great for anyone who wants a chance to mess with other players during a game. You might think you are super ahead with your magic points, only to get your largest clan stolen by another kingdom. But fear not, there is always a chance to steal them back in a future turn. This keeps the game interesting as a winner is not established early on in game play. With this game you could easily go from last to first in a matter of a few turns with

So go gather some friends, pick your favorite kingdom, and get ready for a truly epic game night with Cover your Kingdom!

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