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It's the Remedy for Boredom - Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

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Title: Trust me, I'm a Doctor

Created By: Jack Ford Morgan

Published By: Half-Monster Games Pty. Ltd.

Released: 2020

Player Count: 3-8

Time to Play: 15-60 Minutes

Trust me, I'm a Doctor Box

Looking for a way to add some hilarity to your game night? How about pretending you are an old-timey doctor and competing with your friends to create the best cure for their ludicrous ailment? Trust me, I'm a Doctor is a party game for 3-8 people where players take turns role-playing as either the patient or the doctor. Patients go to the team of doctors with their problem and then doctors take turns presenting solutions to cure the patient. Heckling is not just allowed, it is encouraged, so lots of laughs ensue as doctors try to explain why things like Blood Ghosts would better be cured by a combination of an exorcism and cocaine, rather than fire therapy and confession.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor is super easy to learn and get set up. To begin, deal each player 3 Ailment cards and 6 Cure cards. The person who has last seen a doctor (in real life) is the first patient, everyone else will be a doctor this round. The patient decides which of their ailments they want to see the doctors about and reveals that card, while explaining their problems to the doctors in lots of gruesome details.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor cards

The doctors then create their cures for the patient using at least two cure cards. Each ailment will have at least one symbol on the card and doctors must present a cure that matches that symbol (or if multiple symbols are present, at least one of the symbols) on at least one of the cure cards. Doctors then take turns explaining why their cure would be the best for the patient. Nothing says this needs to be a nice organized process, doctors are encouraged to jump in while others are explaining their cures and expose flaws in the suggestion, accuse other doctors of malpractice and use wild hand gestures. Trust us, it just adds to the fun!

The patient then gets to pick the winning cure, because shouldn't the patient always pick the best course of treatment for themselves, surely they know better than the medical professional. The winning doctor gets one point and then everyone draws back up to 6 cures.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor box inside

The winner is the "least worst practitioner", also known as the player who scored three points first. For the rest of the day or night all players must refer to this person as the "Surgeon-General"!

There is lots of love about Trust me, I'm a Doctor. From the moment you open the box, you are immersed in really cool graphics featuring historic medicine bottles. The cards continue this immersion into the theme as they all use real ailments and cures from different times throughout history with wonderful artwork to match. Learn about some seriously gross old fashioned remedies, while pondering how we as a species made it to modern times if these were the cures back in the day. It is truly a medical miracle.

Trust me, I'm a Doctor additional cards

Fans of games like Super Fight will absolutely love Trust me, I'm a Doctor as the play styles are similar. However Trust Me, I'm a Doctor includes less down time for players as every player is involved in every round, rather than just voting on rounds they are not participating in. We enjoyed the limited down time, as it kept our whole group involved which is super helpful when playing with larger numbers of people.

You don't have to be a pre-med student to enjoy this game, all you need is some creativity and persuasive skills. If you have an interest in absurd but real history, Trust me, I'm a Doctor will make for a super fun addition to your game nights. If you love to argue and be prove you are better than your friends Trust me, I'm a Doctor is for you. If you love to argue and be prove you are better than your friends Trust me, I'm a Doctor is for you. So many laughs were shared while playing, we can't wait to get Trust me, I'm a Doctor to the table again!

Trust me, I'm a Doctor ailments and cure cards

For more information on Trust Me, I'm a Doctor, or to order your own copy check out Half-Monster Games website! Their previous Kickstarter page, also has some really cool information on it from when it was running, if you are looking to check out even more!


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