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Self Careless - Game Review

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Title: Self Carless (and Cat Deck Expansion)

Designed By: Jason Anarchy

Art By: Cassandra Calin

Published By:

Released: Jason Anarchy Games

Player Count: 1-2

Time to Play: 20 Minutes

Ages: 14+

Solo with Box


Self Careless is the quintessential cozy game, ideal for those soothing, lazy evenings or the to bring some joy on a rainy day. The premise is charmingly simple: arrange the hours of your day to achieve a harmonious balance between chores and self-care activities. Enhanced by the mischievous antics of a coffee-spilling cat and the strategic use of coffee perks, this game blends relaxation with just a little chaos. Designed with solo play in mind, it ensures a well-tuned experience, with options to adjust the difficulty from breezy to brainy. The minimal setup and quick play time—about 15-20 minutes per game—make it a easy to get to the table and enjoy anytime the mood strikes.

What's purr-ty cool:

Gameplay Setup

Relaxing Gameplay:

Self Careless is effortlessly engaging. You are tasked with two main objectives: lining up all your day's hours in the correct order and balancing self-care with chores. The inclusion of a troublemaking cat character, reminiscent of a certain furball I live with, adds a layer of adorable unpredictability. The strategic depth comes from choosing when and how to use your limited coffee perks to optimize your day or mitigate the feline chaos. The game's pace is perfect for quick sessions, making it an excellent choice for a solitary evening of gentle gaming.

Get Some Sun Card

Charming Artwork:

The artwork of Self Careless is a delightful highlight. Whimsical cartoons bursting with personality cover the cards, accompanied by humorous flavor text that bring each depicted activity to life—from " Hanging out with Friend - aka while being in a blanket cocoon alone together" to "Making a Pillow Fort." The black and white sketches with color-coded borders easily distinguish between chores and self-care activities, enhancing both the visual appeal and the gameplay clarity. The thoughtful addition of cute bonus stickers in the box is a cherry on top.

Innovative Expansion:

Expansion Box

The game's expansion introduces a revolutionary twist: a second player can join as the cat, turning the solo setup into a dynamic duel of order versus chaos. The human player continues to strive for balance and efficiency, while the cat player aims to disrupt and derail. This role reversal not only adds depth but also injects a dose of humorous competition. It's a game where one player's meticulous planning is pitted against another's strategic mischief, making each session uniquely challenging and entertaining.

The cat's meow:

"I didn't know they made a game with me as a character!" - Solo the Spokescat...after he knocks Mr. Pudgy Cat's fresh, full cup of coffee off the counter and all over the new 24 pack of toilet paper (true story).


Disclosure: Pudgy Cat Games was provided a copy of this game in exchange for a review, however, this review reflects the honest thoughts of the author.


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