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We have a Winner - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Awesome Art Award

Title: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Created By: Chad Elkins

Released: 2020

Player Count: 2-4

Time to Play: 15-30 Minutes


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Box Art

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a simple yet fun game for 2-4 players with the goal of collecting the most points by the end of the game. Players will be foxes who take turn rolling and resolving dice, hoping to collect and cook as many chickens as they can before all the chickens are gone or the dog catches them. Dice feature items like chickens, cooked chickens, foxes and a dog. Chicken dice allow players to take new chickens from the coop, chicken legs allow players to to cook dinner, foxes allow players to buy useful resources and the dog allows you to steal from your opponent. Every time a dog is rolled, the dog meeple also moves along the track closer to ending the game.

The game ends when either the dog runs out of track, or the are no more chickens left in the coop. At this time, players total their points (one per chicken in their bag, and two per cooked dinner). The person with the highest total wins.

This game has beautiful, colorful artwork and is made of high quality components. Instead of a standard game board, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner features two neoprene play mats, which add a premium feel to the game. For those with the Kickstarter edition, the wooden tokens are a nice touch as well. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner also comes with a delightful rubber chicken, which can be used to add your own rule to the game, or during chicken dance parties. Did we mention that this game includes chicken dance parties?! For a 3 or 4 player game, players will be able to buy cards that allow them to chicken dance, or impersonate a chicken on their way to victory. It's a fun addition that is sure to make players laugh.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Card of Sir Winston of Foxingham and the Rubber Chicken

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner also features a large cast of clever characters for players to choose from. Since each fox comes with it's own special feature this allows for a lot of replayability.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner also scales nicely from 2-4 players. The length of the dog run, the number of chickens in play and the cards used scale up as more players are added, which helps to keep the game balanced.

The rules are simple to understand, and while the game is language dependent, it is minimal and could be played with younger children. That being said, I have played this game with adults only and still found it to be highly enjoyable for those looking for a light game that plays quickly. You can easily get a few rounds in during an hour, even more if you are just playing with two people.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Components

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