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Another Awesome Game Upgrade - Legendary Dice Bags Season 2

Welcome to our second game upgrade review from our friends over at Drawlab Entertainment. This time they have sent us over a copy of their Legendary Dice Bags from season 1 and season 2. The season 2 bags will be launching on Gamefound on September 23, 2021.

These bags will be available in two sizes, standard and XL. The standard-sized bag can hold more than 60 dice and the XL bags can hold more than 70. These bags can hold more than just dice though. Did you get the Legendary Metal coins from their last crowdfunding campaign? The normal bag will hold 120ish of those super lovely coins. Talk about a bag of holding!

The bags are available in a ton of wonderful prints, to match whatever your gaming needs are. Check out the designs available below!

​Season 2 features the following bags:

  • The Cultist Gathering

  • The Roaring T-Rex

  • The Dragon Whisperer

  • The Tea Party (Alice)

  • The Marauding Pirates

  • The Vampire Encounter

  • The Orc Warrior

​Season 1 features the following bags:

  • Cthulhu the Destroyer

  • The Firey Dragon

  • The Inn Brawl

  • The Dragon Caller

  • The Dwarf's Mine

  • The Monster Hunter

  • The Space Voyage

  • The Trickster

Just like the Legendary Metal Coins, the Legendary Dice Bags are epic. They are surprisingly hefty and feel really durable when you handle them. They are even lined with velvet on the inside.

The colors are super bold and the details are incredibly crisp for being printed on fabric. I was amazed about how many little things were captured so clearly in some of the extra detailed designs.

Given the two sizes of the bags, I can see them being useful not just for dice or coins, but even for helping organize games that perhaps have a lot of tiles, but don't come with a good storage solution in the box. These dice bags are also super opaque and would be great if you needed a solution for storing items that you didn't want others to see.

After getting to try out the dice bags, I conclude that they make an absolutely essential tabletop game upgrade for all of your dice or storage needs. To find out more or get your own, check out Gamefound!


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