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Be a Party Pooper - Poop: The Game

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Title: Poop: The Game (Plus Kawaii Expansion)

Designed By: Blaise Sewell from Feels Right Design

Published By: Breaking Games

Released: 2014

Player Count: 2-5 (2-10 when you combine decks)

Time to Play: 15 Minutes

Poop: The Game box and Brown Bag

"Let's talk about how great poop is," is not a sentence I ever thought I would say, let alone type in a review, but here we are. Forget the Febreze, we promise that the poop we are going to talk about today doesn't stink at all. Our love for this game is like diarrhea, we just can't keep it in. Poop: The Game is fun for the whole family!

In Poop: The Game players take turns pooping while working to avoid clogging the toilet. Poop: The Game is super simple to learn (the instructions literally only take up the front and back of a poker card), has a wide-player variety count (as little as 2 and as many as 10 people can play if you combine two poop decks), and is ultraportable (no excess packaging here!), making it a great game to take on the go or to use as a stocking stuffer this holiday season!

Poop: The Game cards

The object of Poop: The Game is to be the first person to run out of cards. To get started playing Poop: The Game separate the toilet cards from the rest of the deck (the poop deck), placing them down in the middle of the table. Deal each player 5 cards from the poop deck and create a draw pile out of the remaining cards. Flip over one card from the toilet deck; the number on its lid is the clog number. A toilet is considered clogged once that number is reached.

On their turn players play once card from their hand, working to keep the total number of poops in the toilet below the number on the lid. If a player cannot play a card without clogging the toilet they must pick up ALL the cards played that round and add it to their hand.

They then flip over a new toilet card and add the first poop card to it.

Poop: The Game wild cards and toilet

There are also several special cards that can be played to help a player not clog the toilet on their turn. Similar to Uno, Poop: The Game has skip, reverse, and wild cards. However, unlike Uno, Wild cards require the player to perform a sound or action when played. Kids (and kids at heart) in particular will get a kick out of the actions and sounds. Some examples include wiggle out a tough one, cough over a fart sound, and wipe with a card on your turn. For every future turn when playing a card, the player must repeat the sound or action; if multiple wild cards are played these sounds and actions stack. Pair these cards together and it is bound to make even the most uptight adult laugh (seriously, you are never too old for fart noises).

Poop: The Game cards

It wouldn't be a game about toilets if you couldn't flush every now and again right? If three of the same colored cards are played in a row, the toilet gets flushed! Discard all cards played on that toilet and everyone but the person who flushed the toilet draws a card.

Gameplay continues until one person has run out of cards. That person is now king (or queen) of the porcelain throne.

Poop: The Game also comes with multiple play varients of poop or remixes as the game calls them. There are 4 different alternative game modes, rules to make Poop: The Game into Poop: The Drinking Game, and an advanced mode. This can help keep Poop fresh by mixing up how you play it.

Just like in life, Poop comes in many forms. We checked out the original, the party pooper edition, and the kawaii edition. We personally loved the kawaii poops, they are all cute and smiley and remind us a bit of everyone's favorite poop emoji. It also includes rules in Japanese and English, which is just kind of neat!

Poop: The Game Kawaii cards

Overall, we had a blast playing Poop: The Game. We would highly recommend it for families as it is a game that is about something all kids love to laugh about, and the gameplay is fun for adults as well. It is really simple to learn and can be played as a great filler game on game nights, or on coffee breaks (bathroom breaks?) at work. Poop: The Game is nice and portable and doesn't take up much table space when playing, which means you can bring it with you when you go out to dinner. What's better than playing a quick game with your family while you wait for your food?

As we approach the holiday season, we would like to make the recommendation that if you are looking for a good White Elephant Gift Exchange present, Poop: The Game is an awesome choice! You can even get Poop: The Game in a brown bag bundle, which is sure to make all your coworkers laugh. We can promise that while no one thought they were going to get Poop from a gift exchange, it will absolutely be a gift they will always remember!

Poop: The Game boxes


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