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Design Diaries - Week 4

Welcome to back to Design Dairies week 4, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week I created my most complicated project yet. I built a fully functioning small game. In the spirit of Halloween, I created a maze filled with monsters that a player can explore. In the game, the goal is to make it out before running out of life. Every time a player makes a wrong turn in the maze, they encounter a monster who attacks and damages them. If the player's damage amount gets too high before they escape, they lose. I created custom scripts that give my game a real win/ loss condition.

One of the fun things I did for this project was edit the box collider for all my monsters. Rather than needing the bump directly into the monster figure (who would actually run into the monster?), I expanded their box colliders so that if the player comes within sight of the monster they are attacked via the trigger.

The next thing I would like to learn is how to make my monsters animated so they chase after the player and if they catch the player that would be when they take damage, but alas, maybe I will figure that out in a future week. For now, line of sight damage it is.

Another cool feature this week, is my maze asset. I designed the maze from a png image that I brought into Blender, extruded and added a mesh to, before saving it as an obj file and importing it into Unity. I originally tried to design my maze using the terrain feature in unity, but it was messy looking and I liked this style much better. I added a material to the maze that made it look like hedges so it fit within my world.

My last cool features for the week are my skybox and flashlight. Since this is a spooky maze, I wanted the player to explore at night. I used a night sky skybox to cast my world in darkness and have a sky with stars in it. Then I dimmed my main directional light and added a spotlight feature on my camera. I adjusted the spotlight to look like a flashlight being held by my first person character. It's beam will rotate as the player does, so they can only see a little bit ahead of themselves in the maze.

In the video, the movement for my character is clunky but that is only because OBS Studio and Unity made my computer too slow to run it correctly. When not running OBS Studio, the movement works smoothly.

Here is what I learned to do in week 4!


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