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Duck, Duck, Go-play This Game -Quack, Quack! No Take Backs

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Title: Quack, Quack! No Take Backs

Designed By: Jacob Nutter

Art by: F*wl Langauge

Released: Coming to Kickstarter September 14, 2021

Player Count: 2-4 (6 with expansion)

Time to Play: 5-10 Minutes

Quack, Quack! Cards

2021, the year that all of my favorite childhood games became board games. First, we had capture the flag simulated in Battlefish, then we had Dodge Ball with Dino Dodge, and today we have the classic Duck, Duck, Goose in Quack, Quack! No Take Backs.

Quack, Quack! No Take Backs is a super simple, family-friendly game, that reminds us of Egyptian Rat Screw mixed with Duck, Duck Goose. The goal of Quack, Quack! No Take Backs is to be the first player to get rid of all of your cards. Do this by successfully slapping or not slapping the deck of cards at the correct moment.


Set-up is really quick. Shuffle all of the cards and deal out the entire deck equally to all players. Players should set their decks in front of themselves, keeping them face down. Players must not look at their decks.

If playing with the slapsticks, make sure each player has one.

You are now ready to begin.

How to determine the first player:

The most quacky player goes first.

How to Play:

Quack, Quack! gameplay

Beginning with the starting player and continuing clockwise, players will take turns flipping over the top card of their deck and adding it to the pile in the middle of the table.

Depending on the card that is revealed an action may need to be carried out. Actions can be things like swapping decks (turtle) or discard piles (alligator), trashing the pile in play (hunter), or slappy actions. When two ducks are played in a row onto the pile in the middle, everyone needs to slap the pile. The last player to slap the pile has to take it. Geese are also slap cards. When a goose is played, a game of duck, duck, goose commences, but whoever is selected as the goose has to try and slap the goose card before the person holding the card pulls it away. If they are successful in hitting the card, the person with the card takes the tile, but if they miss, they need to take the pile.

Play continues until one person plays their last card. The game ends immediately with that card, and that person wins!

Our Thoughts:

Quack, Quack! Duck Duck Goose Cards

Quack, Quack! No Take Backs is a very quick, cute little game that is great for families looking to play something in a short amount of time and is easy to teach to anyone playing. As Quack, Quack! No Take Backs is mostly luck-dependent and is language independent, it can be good for families with kids of varying ages since there is no real strategy involved. Players just need to pay attention to the cards and have quick reflexes in order to be successful.

For older crowds, if you are looking for a fun lightweight warm-up game Quack, Quack! No Take Backs is a good way to get your game group laughing. The nostalgia for duck, duck goose, Egyptian rat screw, and spoons is strong while playing Quack, Quack! No Take Backs.

We liked playing with the slapsticks. When playing on a bigger table, it levels the playing field for actually hitting the right spot when using a goose card. Enjoy Pudgy Cat playing with the slapstick!

We also really enjoyed the card art. The style that the characters are drawn in is adorable and reminds us of an old-school cartoon. The art was actually one of the things that first drew us to Quack, Quack! No Take Backs.

Lastly, we like the rule about false slapping. If at any point you slap at the wrong time, you have to take the pile. It kept us on our toes while playing because if you are supposed to slap, and you are too slow you will get the pile, but go too quick and get it wrong and you also get the pile. It kept players engaged throughout the game.

Quack, Quack! No Take Backs will be coming to Kickstarter on September 14th, 2021. For more information, you can check out their Kickstarter page.


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