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Let's Go on an Adventure - Magical Unicorn Quest

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Title: Magical Unicorn Quest

Designed By: Andrew Kuplic

Art By: Kip Noschese

Published By: Flame Point Games

Released: 2019 - Expanded version coming to Kickstarter April 15, 2021

Player Count: 2-6

Time to Play: 20 Minutes

Ages: 8+


In Magical Unicorn Quest, you and your friends compete as adventurers attempting to get the Majestic and Golden unicorns to come to live in your stable. Be the first to capture these two elusive beasts and win the game. Befriend other forest-dwelling creatures and recruit them in helping you search for the unicorns, but beware of monsters that will work to slow you down or sabotage you. Use magic and potions to aid you on your quest. And don't forget to bring along lots of cotton candy to bribe the unicorns to come with you! Unicorns love cotton candy! Check out our first video review of a game going to Kickstarter!

Check out some of the creatures in the forest below! We are purrsonally big fans of the adventure cat! Want to find out more about Magical Unicorn Quest? Check out Flame Point Games' website and register for their Kickstarter launch.


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