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Oh Christmas Game, Oh Christmas Game - Christmas Lights A Card Game

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Title: Christmas Lights A Card Game

Designed By: Christopher Chung, Adam Collins, Scot Eaton, Chad Elkins, Chad Head, Randy Romig, Don Riddle, and Daniel Zayas

Art By: Dave Perillo

Published By: 25 Century Games

Released: 2018 - Updated version 2020

Player Count: 2-6

Time to Play: 75 Minutes

Christmas Lights A Card Game Box

Looking to keep the Christmas cheer coming? Check out this adorable card game from 25th Century Games! Christmas Lights A Card Game is an easy, festive game for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It plays in about 10-30 minutes depending on the player count and only takes a few minutes to learn to play.

We had the opportunity to check out Christmas Lights A Card Game’s updated version! It comes with instructions for the main game, along with instructions for 12 bonus games (including options for team play and solo play). In the main game of Christmas Lights A Card Game, the goal is to be the first player to get their Christmas lights strung up in order.

To get started, separate the cards into bulb cards, pattern cards, event cards, character cards and make a deck for each. You will also pull out the three present cards. Those are only used for the bonus games. There are also 6 player reminder cards. Give one to each player and set the remainder back into the box. Pull out the Santa Card from the character deck. Then pick out one character card for each other person playing. Shuffle these cards and randomly give one to each player, whoever gets Santa goes first. Play will go clockwise from that person.

Christmas Lights A Card Game Pattern Cards

Next, give each player two pattern cards. Players can look at these cards but should keep them secret from other players. Each player also starts with 5 bulb cards. IMPORTANT: DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR BULBS. You will pick these cards up so they face the other players, but you cannot see them. If at any point you see your own hand, you must discard them and pick a new hand. Secretly select one of your pattern cards and choose which side of the string of lights you wish to start with. Your goal is to lay down cards with bulbs that match the right color that is next on the strand.

Christmas Lights A Card Game Player Aid

On a player's turn, they will take up to four actions in this specific order. A player can choose to skip any action they want, but they cannot take an action out of turn or go back and take an action if they miss a step.

  1. Play - choose 1 or 2 cards. Each card you play must match the next color needed in your string of lights. If you play a card that is the wrong color bulb, you must discard it.

  2. Swap - Choose 1 card from your hand and swap it with a card in another player’s hand. (This means you will now know what one of your cards is, but you can’t play it just yet!).

  3. Sale - You can choose 1 or 2 cards from your hand to put up for sale. For each card up for sale, you get to ask one question about the cards in your hand. It can be as general or as specific as you would like. If a person is willing to answer it they do so and then take the card. This can help you start to figure out what cards are in your hand and better prepare for the play phase of your next turn.

  4. Refill - Draw cards until you have 5 cards again.

Christmas Lights A Card Game Broken Bulbs and Bubble Bulbs

In addition to standard bulb cards, there are also broken bulbs and bubble bulbs, plus plugs. Broken bulbs can be played in your string to temporarily hold the place for any colored bulb. When the correct color bulb is played later in the game, it covers the broken bulb. Bubble Bulbs are wild and can be used for any color bulb. However, when a bubble bulb is played the player must also flip over and resolve an event card. Event cards can be beneficial or detrimental. Plugs are needed to transition from one completed pattern to the next one.

Once a player has played all the bulbs needed to complete their first pattern, they turn over the pattern card. They will then need to play a plug card before starting their next strand of bulbs.

The first player to complete both of their strands of lights wins! However, everyone gets an equal number of turns so play will continue until everyone finishes up the current round. If multiple players finish their strands in that round, then the player who used the least amount of broken bulbs wins!

Christmas Lights A Card Game Character Cards

Christmas Lights A Card Game will fill your holiday parties with Christmas cheer. Christmas Lights A Card Game is a wonderful choice for families of all ages, looking for a game to play during the holidays.

People who enjoy memory games will really enjoy Christmas Lights A Card Game, as the game requires a lot of remembering which cards are where in your hand. It is fun to try and come up with ways to keep track of your cards while you cannot see them. It is also super satisfying when you remember correctly and get to play the card on your turn.

The card trading and the sales portions of the game are fun and offer players a variety of different ways to learn about their hands. Since players can pick and choose which options they want to do during their turn, this allows players to create their own unique strategy for how to win.

Christmas Lights A Card Game Event Cards

The theme integrates great into the gameplay with bulbs connecting together, fixing broken lights, and experiencing things like power outages.

Also, we just want to mention how cute the little bulbs all are. Each color light has its own expression which reminds us of different emoji faces. They made us smile while playing.

Christmas Lights A Card Game would be a wonderful stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift as it is perfect for just about any gamer young or old, who is looking to get in the Christmas Spirit! It is a game we will look forward to playing each year and will be wonderful for making holiday memories with loved ones.

Christmas Lights A Card Game Bulb and Plug Card


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