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Playlists for an Epic Game Night - Songs for Games that Start with "B"

Welcome to our 2nd week of Playlists for an Epic Game Night - Songs. This week features games with the letter "B". The Top 10 List is based on your votes! Vote for your favorite games beginning with the letter "C" for next week's playlist at the bottom of this post!

Top 10 Games Started with "B" as voted by Pudgy Cat Games readers:

Leave a comment and let us know which one is your favorite. Purr-sonally, we love the Bunny Kingdom and Blood Rage playlists a lot.

Disclaimer: We did not create these playlists, we just worked to find playlists that make sense for each game. Their creators are listed next to them. We just curated the list to share with you!


Vote for next week's games!

The top 10 games will be featured next week and get matching playlists. Feel free to add any of your own suggestions!


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