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Table Organization at it's Finest - Token Sesame

Title: Token Sesame

Designed By: Cloud Puncher Games

Pudgy Cat with the Token Sesame


The Token Sesame is a handy modular storage system for game components. Configurable in many different styles, the Token Sesame really beats putting all the little game bits and tokens into bowls that take up half the table. With beautiful game themed decorative plates, it's stylish and functional. The Token Sesame has to be one of my favorite board game upgrades I have used, the customization makes it useful for so many different kinds of games. If you play games with lots of components I cannot recommend it enough.

What's purr-ty cool:

Token Sesame in Carousel Mode

Space Saver - My favorite thing about the Token Sesame is how much room it can save on my table. Living in a small NYC apartment, I don't even have a full sized kitchen table, instead I eat and play on a coffee table. That said, some of my favorite games are table hogs, I'm looking at you Tiny Towns and Quacks of Quedlinburg. The Token Sesame is fantastic in that it can be styled to be tiered so that components do not need to sprawl across the table. When it is set up in Carousel Mode, it is also super easy to plop on the ground next to me and pick and up pass as needed. I love that ability to rotate the carousel so that it is easy to reach all the components and not just the ones closet to me.

Token Sesame in Staircase mode

Modular - going along with saving space, the modular ability of the Token Sesame is superb. It can be used in the standard 2 level carousel mode where you can spin resources toward you. You can also remove the top level and use the main level as a dice tray. This is awesome for games that have components and need you to roll dice often. You can also break the trays apart and use them as individual resource holders, good for things like Everdell where players have a bunch of their own resources they need to store.

Portable. Though my favorite setup for space saving might be the staircase. This makes a 3 tiered staircase to hold a bunch of resources. I love how the resources get stacked in levels so they take up even less room on the table. If you really want to save table space, you can even add on the walker package and get more legs. This allows users to create a structure that can go above games, or store cards/ larger components underneath. Since all the pieces are modular, there are a lot of setups to help organize your table for your specific gaming needs

Token Sesame being shaken upside down

Portable: When setup in staircase mode, the Token Sesame can be secured so that components can be stored in it for travel. It comes with a topper and bands to keep the staircase shut tight. I did some shake tests with it and it really does stay closed and keep pieces in place. I was surprised at how well it held up. Check out the picture of it being shook upside down. Everything stayed in place so well!

Art: The last thing I really enjoy about the Token Sesame is the changeable art plates. There are a variety of art plates that you can use to match your Token Sesame to the game you are playing. It is really cool how popular board game artists designed the plates so they sort of actually match your favorite games. The plates featured in my pictures are:

  1. Forgotten World by Matthew Mizak (artist for Tang Gardens and Dead Man's Doubloons)

  2. The Invasion by Alexander Elichev (artist for Gloomhaven and Frosthaven(

  3. Adventures in Stained Glass by Peter Wocken (artist for Sagrada, Dead of Winter, and Dinosaur Island)

Token Sesame dice rolling in tray

I am really hoping they bring back the Everdell inspired plates some day as that's my favorite game, but really they are all beautiful. With bright vibrant colors they are fun to mix and match.

The Token Sesame is the perfect gift for your gamer friend who really doesn't need anymore game...or for yourself if you you want to upgrade your game nights!

Want to get one or see more art plates? Check out Cloud Puncher Games' website for more information!

The cat's meow:

"It holds so many things for me to hit around. Just watch the video!" - Pudgy Cat


Disclosure: Pudgy Cat Games was provided a copy of this product in exchange for a review, however, this review reflects the honest thoughts of the author.


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