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Design Diaries - Week 5

Welcome to back to Design Dairies week 5, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week I we delved into augmented reality. It's awesome! We downloaded a program called Vuforia that allow us to create image targets that when seen by a camera show special things on the screen of the device viewing the image.

I created two Vuforia tags, which both work a bit differently. First up I made a tag using the suitcase from my game Pack the Essentials. In this tag, the suitcase gets packed with cats and clothing when it is read. I tried to used blender to create 3d objects for my game pieces, but I do not know how to image wrap shapes that are not just a square, so instead I used 3d objects from Unity and added a material on top of them that matched the game pieces. I could only make the straight pieces but the idea is there. I hope the be able to turn these into augmented reality stickers where the user can scan the sticker and see the cats gets packed on their phone. It would be a super cool marketing thing. I also have text that pops up with a reminder to remember to pack the cat

The second Vuforia tag I made, I just used out sonic image from class for because my printer did not want to cooperate. It works as intended though, just the theme doesn't match great. This project is a dice tower. I imported a dice asset from the Unity Asset Store and built a dice tower that pops up and allows the die to roll down the ramps and land at the bottom. I turned off the mesh renders in order to make the front and back of the dice tower see-through. There is also a reroll dice button made in 2d mode, and a target object that allows my die to be rerolled another way instead of hitting the button.

The other thing I did this week was continue on using my disable mesh render and adjust the mass and drag to create a first person feel that resembles walking. I decided I wanted to start learning to create pretty worlds to explore so I started learning tp integrate Gaia into my project. I learned how to build terrain in it and how to start editing that terrain. Gaia is super cool and I cannot wait to play with it more (even if it did crash my original file and take 5 hours to finally get install correctly).

Here is what I learned to do in week 5!

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