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Design Diaries - Week 7

Welcome to back to Design Dairies week 7, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week I we started on Android Development. We got Pixel 3's to practice with and it is a real throwback.

I kind of worked on a lot this week and some stuff worked as intended and others did not. I explain a lot of it in the video, so I recommend watching that. But the long and the short of it is, I learned more about how to use my Gaia world builder and rendered a really cool island forest terrain, complete with moving trees, dark blue water, plants and sand. It involved generating a biome and runtime. It even comes with a cool 3rd person player named Ethan.

Ethan is what made this week's task a challenge. Ethan is animated and normally moves using the WASD keys, but when developing for Android you need to use buttons or something else to make your character move. I connected the camera and Ethan to the controller I built where you should be able to press on the direction key to make Ethan move in that direction but Ethan would not cooperate.

I then tried setting up a basic sphere and a different camera and controller combo and toggled off Ethan and his controls/ camera. The sphere rolled down the hill due to gravity but could not get balanced enough to move on it's own. At one point I had the left and right controls working fine for the sphere, but forward and backward did not.

I am now off in search of someone who uses Gaia with Unity to help me learn more about how its render pipeline works and how to better understand it's scripts so I can integrate them into what we are doing with class better.

Until next week! Stay tuned as I learn to make filters for Instagram!


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