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Design Diaries - Week 8

Welcome to back to Design Dairies week 8, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week I have new prompts to respond to and less design work to show, but there is one really cool thing we learned to make this week and it's Instagram filters!

Using Meta's app to design them was actually way easier than I thought. I think the most complicated part is actually being able to right click and add the item to the correct spot. A lot of times when I was trying to add something new, it wound up selecting an item already in the list instead. I really want to explore making filters for instagram as I use that platform a ton as a content creator. I would love to make some fun filters that match my channel, or are just board game themed in general. I feel like a filter that rolls a d20 could be fun.

This week in class we also played with more AR and android app stuff and learned to create wind and paint trees. I thought learning to create elements like wind was pretty neat, but scaling things down to be the appropriate size for the phone was quite a challenge.

Check out what I made this week.

Here is my filter at work. It is currently being uploaded to Meta's database and will hopefully be able to be used be my fellow board gamers soon.

Here are some new prompting questions we have for this week, as we enter the 2nd half of the semester and I have to start thinking about my final project.

Think about what you would like to build for your final project. Keep in mind that though we’ll be introducing a new format (VR), the basic concepts, game mechanisms, and storytelling elements will be the same. I’ll be asking you to think and write about this for the next few weeks as a part of your homework so that I’m able to provide as much guidance as possible when it comes time to build these projects

For my final project I would really like to build a VR world that a player can walk around. I want it to be a beautiful experience that transports the player to a new location vastly different from where they are in real life. I think it would be cool to integrate calming medication music in while the user walks through serene wildness settings.

Write a short paragraph (or bulletpoints) including what you think would be your approach to building a project- What are some elements you’d like to include? What type of world would you like to create? What would you like the user to experience?

My goal is to create a realistic looking terrain that the user can use vr controls to travel around. I will need to find a way to make this possible without making me puke (as VR tends to do). I am hoping to be able to use Gaia to build my world in and then add in elements like animals that the player can interact with. I also love the idea of integrating sound elements into the experience and maybe having a day and a night setting.

Create your own filter in Spark AR. Try to use a few different elements, and try to have them all fit a theme.


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