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Design Diaries - Week 9

Welcome to back to Design Dairies week 9, where I will continue to update on my Unity Development Experience. This week we messed around with VR in class but did not start developing for it yet in Unity so I went back to playing with Instagram filters for my homework this week.

A few things I learned last week is that Instagram has a lot of restrictions of filters and my board game filter was not approved due to the weapons on the board game boxes. Seems a bit much, but hey what can you do? I went through and removed all the questionable box covers and now am crossing my fingers it gets approved this week.

For this week's filter I decided to make a "gotcha day" celebration filter in honor of my cat's gotcha day which is 11/12. I tried a few new things, like creating my own pngs using Midjourney. I designed the hat in it and removed the background to give me a transparent file. I like being able to combine multiple software's to make a single thing. It is handy.

I wanted to make confetti coming out using the particle system tool, but it just looked weird. I think I need a better file for it, but I wasn't positive where to get opensource 3d files I can use.

I used the face mesh and added an element where when you look happy the effect starts. When you smile, the Happy gotcha day and the party hat pop up. It's simple but I still think it is cute. When I have more time (I am on call this weekend), I think I am going to continue to build on this filter and make it fancier and see if I can get it to react to animal faces too so they can also get the party hat. Stay tuned.

Check out what I made this week.


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